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NBA playoff standings 2014: Dallas Mavericks win, move up NBA playoff standings

Dirk Nowiztki came up huge against the LA Clippers on Thursday night (April 3).
Dirk Nowiztki came up huge against the LA Clippers on Thursday night (April 3).
Photo by Mpu Dinani/Getty Images

NBA playoff standings 2014 news for Dallas Mavericks fans was really good Thursday (April 3). In the updated 2014 NBA playoff standings on Friday (April 4), the Mavericks were able to take a strong hold of the No. 7 seed in the Western Conference by beating the LA Clippers. The 113-107 victory was led by Dirk Nowitzki, who finished with 26 points and 11 rebounds in the important win. It puts them half a game ahead of both the Memphis Grizzlies and Phoenix Suns for a spot in the postseason.

Updated Draft Order (April 4)

Despite losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday, the Western Conference still has the 59-17 San Antonio Spurs holding the best record in the league. The Oklahoma City sits three back at 55-19 and the LA Clippers are 5 1/2 games back at 55-23. These are the only three West teams that have clinched a spot in the postseason. Following the three top teams are the 49-25 Houston Rockets at No. 4, the 49-27 Portland Trail Blazers at No. 5, and the 46-29 Golden State Warriors at No. 6. The 45-31 Dallas Mavericks now own that No. 7 spot and the 44-31 Memphis Grizzlies are at eight by owning the tie-breaker with the No. 9 Phoenix Suns.

As far as the 2014 NBA playoff standings when it comes to the Eastern Conference, the Miami Heat still lead the East now with a 52-22 record. They are just ahead of the No. 2 seeded 53-23 Indiana Pacers due to percentages at this point (70.3 vs. 69.7). Then comes the 43-32 Toronto Raptors and 43-32 Chicago Bulls as the next two seeded teams and all four have already clinched a spot in the postseason. The No. 5 Brooklyn Nets are 40-34 and the No. 6 Washington Wizards are 39-36. Those top six teams in the East have clinched a spot in the postseason. The No. 7 Charlotte Bobcats are 37-38 and the No. 8 New York Knicks are 33-43. The Knicks are just ahead of the No. 9 Atlanta Hawks due to percentage points as well (43.4 vs. 43.2).

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