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NBA JAM franchise returning, this time on Wii

An arcade staple during the mid '90s, NBA JAM is now returning thanks to EA Sports. The company announced that a brand new version of the franchise with release on Wii.  The game will feature the same great over-the-top moves, backboard shattering dunks, and of course, fire basketballs.

Currently, players are being decided, but gamers can vote for their most desired NBA favorites to make the cut. On the NBA JAM website, polls are being kept to see which 3 players from each team will make it into the final version of the game.  To vote, just visit the link below.

Taking a cartoonish fun basketball title and putting it on Wii sounds like a great idea, considering many sports titles underperform due to the Wii's lacking graphical capabilities compared to its next-gen rivals. NBA JAM will release later this year.