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NBA investigating Donald Sterling, players want him punished

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The NBA is investigating racist comments allegedly made by Donald Sterling. The players are incredibly upset by the news of Sterling's recording and several teams even led silent protests during the playoff games last night. On Monday, ESPN reports that the investigation will be swift but that this case is unprecedented so the outcome is truly unknown at this point.

The Los Angeles Clippers debated boycotting the playoff game in Oakland last night. Ultimately they decided against it but they did make their anger known. The entire Clippers team took off their shooting shirts and dumped them in the center of the court. This revealed their team t-shirts underneath were all inside out. There wasn't a Los Angeles Clippers logo to be seen among them.

The Portland Trailblazers were also facing off against the Houston Rockets last night. Both teams felt the need to voice their disgust at the leaked racist recording also. In a show of support for their fellow colleagues and friends on the Clippers team, both the Trailblazers and Rockets all wore black socks last night.

Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, has said they will investigate the matter of Donald Sterling swiftly. That said, it's unknown how they will choose to punish him, if they do. No owner has ever had a team taken from them unwillingly. That might happen or he can be suspended and fined.

The future of the Los Angeles Clippers with Donald Sterling at the helm is doomed though. What players will want to play for him? He sure can draft them young but it's pretty certain that the big stars will not be interested in moving to L.A. for this team.

Doc Rivers has said he does not know what he will do going forward. Much like the players, why would a coach want to be on a Donald Sterling staff? Despite this current report and investigation, Sterling has a history of discrimination including a lawsuit for housing discrimination that he lost. He has been sued by a player before but the case was dismissed.

The NBA Players Union wants a say in what happens to Donald Sterling. The union president, Chris Paul, is a Clipper and like everyone else he is very upset. Michael Jordan has said there's no place for that kind of talk in the NBA. His comments echo many others and so far no one has spoken up in support of Sterling or even to suggest that it was not him on the tape.

What do you think of the Donald Sterling drama in the NBA? Do you think he should have the Los Angeles Clippers taken from him, should he be fined, suspended or should they let it go?