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NBA draft order 2014: Kevin Love trade to completely shift draft order in 2014?

Kevin Love could get traded by Minnesota soon.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

NBA draft order 2014 shifts will begin taking place on Tuesday night (May 20). While Kevin Love trade rumors float around, the 2014 NBA draft order is going to start coming into view with the lottery finally taking place. As reported by NBC Sports the Milwaukee Bucks stand the best shot at acquiring the top pick with a 25 percent chance at winning the lottery. The Philadelphia 76ers and Orlando Magic have the next best odds of getting that first overall selection.

Basketball fans will be paying very close attention to several other teams when it comes to those selections, though, as it could lead to several deals taking place during the offseason. The LA Lakers have a 6.3 percent chance and the Minnesota Timberwolves have a 0.60 percent chance of being drawn for that first pick. Though the odds are long, both franchises are holding out hope of moving up to at least one of the top three selections.

According to a report from the LA Times on Monday (May 19), the Lakers will be making an offer to the Timberwolves to try to acquire Love. If their pick gets better than the current prediction of No. 6 in the 2014 NBA draft order, it could serve as a huge enticement in any deal. It could become even more intriguing if somehow the Lakers and Wolves ended up with selections in the top three. It would certainly enable the Wolves to rebuild right away if they were to deal Love.

The reality is that the lottery could also put more teams in the mix when it comes to acquiring one of the best power forwards in the game. Other teams that could potentially make a jump in the order would be the Phoenix Suns and Boston Celtics, which are also two franchises that would love to add an All-Star power forward to the mix. It's even possible that the Cleveland Cavaliers could luck into one of the top selections yet again. It all plays out Tuesday night at 5 p.m. PT on ESPN.

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