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NBA draft order 2014: Are teams tanking to improve position in 2014 NBA Draft?

Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers could be looking at a top pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.
Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers could be looking at a top pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

NBA draft order 2014 news reveals that the six worst teams in the league are on losing streaks. It appears the race to the top of the 2014 NBA Draft order is underway, with franchises basically throwing in the towel on the season. In the updated standings from Friday morning (April 4), each of the worst six teams have lost at least two straight games, with the Utah Jazz at five straight and the Boston Celtics at six straight losses. The Atlanta Hawks have also lost seven of their last 10 games to fall out of a playoff position and into potential lottery territory.

Updated Playoff Standings (April 4)

The Milwaukee Bucks still have the worst record in the league at 14-61 and the team has lost nine of its last ten games. The Philadelphia 76ers have lost 19 of their last 20 games, dropping to 16-59 after trading away many young assets before the deadline this season. The Celtics and Jazz have each also lost nine of their last 10 games, showing that these four franchises have become the doormats of the league.

The exact 2014 NBA Draft order will be settled during the postseason, when the lottery is held to determine the final order. The teams that don't make the playoffs will be ranked based on how bad they are, with the worst teams getting the most chances to win that first overall pick. Three teams are drawn and place into the top three slots, with the next 11 going in order based on regular season record. It means a team like the LA Lakers or New Orleans Pelicans could sneak in and grab one of those top spots.

As denoted in the current look below, many transactions have taken place over the past few seasons to shape the outlook. It includes the New York Knicks, Denver Nuggets, and Charlotte Bobcats dealing away their first round selections.

2014 NBA Draft Order (April 4)

1. Milwaukee Bucks

2. Philadelphia 76ers

3. Orlando Magic

4. Utah Jazz

5. Boston Celtics

6. Los Angeles Lakers

7. Sacramento Kings

8. Detroit Pistons (Goes To Charlotte Bobcats If Outside Top 8)

9. Cleveland Cavaliers

10. Philadelphia 76ers (From New Orleans Pelicans / Top 5 Protected)

11. Atlanta Hawks

12. Orlando Magic (From Denver Nuggets)

13. Minnesota Timberwolves

14. Phoenix Suns

15. Denver Nuggets (From New York Knicks)

16. Chicago Bulls (From Charlotte Bobcats / Top 10 Protected)

17. Phoenix Suns (From Washington Wizards / Top 12 Protected)

18. Boston Celtics (From Brooklyn Nets)

19. Chicago Bulls

20. Toronto Raptors

21. Memphis Grizzlies

22. Oklahoma City Thunder (From Dallas Mavericks / Top 20 Protected)

23. Utah Jazz (From Golden State Warriors)

24. Charlotte Bobcats (From Portland Trail Blazers)

25. Houston Rockets

26. Phoenix Suns (From Indiana Pacers)

27. Los Angeles Clippers

28. Miami Heat

29. Oklahoma City Thunder

30. San Antonio Spurs

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