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NBA and NFL Lockouts leave men no excuses for missing Sunday Church Services

Perhaps millions of church-going wives’ prayers have been answered. Following on the heels of the National Football League’s Labor Dispute, the National Basketball Association team owners and players have decided on a Lockout, putting the 2011/2012 Season in jeopardy. Unless a miracle happens between now and then, millions of men will be left without an excuse for missing Sunday morning church services.

Los Angeles Laker,  Players Association President, Derek Fisher
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Could it be God is showing He is fed up with the majority of men in America putting sports before Him? Truthfully, most men could probably remember the names and positions of NFL and NBA players easier than they could the names of the 12 Disciples or the Books in the Bible.

Many wives are probably already celebrating because now their husband will finally clean out the garage, fix the plumbing or cut down the scrubs in the yard. Maybe these lockouts won’t so bad after-all. Men will be able to spend more quality time with their families and go to church.

These sports loving husbands will now be forced to watch re-runs of games from the past over and over again. Although there were reports the NFL Lockout could be ending soon, today there was another breakdown in the negotiations between the owners and players. It appears the Los Angeles Lakers and other NBA players may be locked out for the whole season.

In fact, since most NFL and NBA players work on Sundays, maybe this time off will give them more opportunities to attend Sunday worship services church with their families.

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