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NBA and NFL Lockouts Could Help Florida Marlins Increase Fan Base

Billy the Marlin looks to compete with his more popular mascot counterparts.
Billy the Marlin looks to compete with his more popular mascot counterparts.
Carmen Zuniga

The Marlins have always had trouble maintaining fans while the Dolphins, and recently the Miami Heat shine as the clear fan favorites in South Florida.

Now, with both of the bigger teams’ seasons in danger, could this be the year the Marlins step up?

It would be perfect timing to lead in a fan base into their new stadium, set to debut in spring 2012.

A few people were already absorbed early in the season when the Marlins for once looked like contenders, to then have a losing streak that resulted in the firing of their manager.

The hiring of new/old manager Jack McKeon made headlines across the country. Although, once again the Marlins were the butt of the joke.

The Marlins have again been the butt of the joke as Logan Morrison continues to focus on his Twitter career rather than focusing on improving his mechanics.

The point of relaying the topsy turvy turn the season has had is to show the team has the talent and personality to attract local fans seeking an escape during the tense NFL and NBA labor talks.

The NBA is likely to have less of an impact, as it is very unlikely to impact the MLB season, but the NFL talksss if anything could easily delay the preseason, appealing to fans at the tail end of summer needing their sports fix, turning to the Marlins.

That is, depending on what the Marlins are doing come August. But, regardless, this is the most lovable the Marlins have been in years even if it ultimately may be by default.


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