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NBA All Star weekend as of Saturday, February 13, 2010

The NBA All Star weekend for 2010, is here in the DFW area.  The event outlook did not look too good when the weekend festivities were getting ready to begin due to record breaking snowfall in the DFW area.  Texas hardly ever gets snow so it was in no way thought of causing a problem for such a high profile sports weekend.  The snow did melt away Saturday, February 13, after the two previous days being snowed in from snow up to 8 inches plus.   The celebrity game kicked off the weekend with the celebrity West team winning 41-37; the MVP was actor Michael Rapaport.  Then came the NBA rookie all star game with the rookies beating the NBA sophomores 140-128.  Next major event that fans usually enjoy was the 3-point contest, which was won by Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics.  The final Saturday, February 13, all star event was the dunk contest won by Nate Robinson of the New York Knicks.  For a complete overview of the all star festivities up to Saturday, February 13th go to; the big game is still on Sunday, February 14th at the new, $1 billion Dallas Cowboys Stadium, which is expected to bring in the largest crowd ever to see the NBA All Star game.  The record breaking attendance is expected to be in the 100,000's.