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NBA 2K15 – Latest News and Notes

It has become a race to October 7th for the two highly-anticipated basketball video game series – NBA 2K and NBA Live. Both games are competing for the headlines as their release date quickly approaches. The latest news concerning NBA 2K15 includes a new ratings system, an exciting new game mode that has fans talking, and a colorful addition to the analysis team

NBA stars Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry, James Harden, and NBA 2K15 cover athlete, Kevin Durant participated in a recent NBA 2K15 Uncensored event hosted by TNT's Ernie Johnson.
Photo by Brad Barket

Ernie Johnson and Shaq Featured in Trailer/Game

Both Shaq and Ernie Johnson of TNT’s Inside the NBA are featured in the NBA 2K15 “Yakkem” trailer and will be featured in the new game in some capacity. While it has been confirmed that the game will feature Johnson and Shaq, it has also been confirmed that the entire Inside the NBA studio show would not be included in the game. You can see Shaq and Ernie Johnson and other game visuals featured prominently in the game’s trailer, included above.

Ernie Johnson also recently hosted the 2K Uncensored Roundtable, featuring James Harden, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, and cover athlete, Kevin Durant. The NBA stars discussed a variety of topics, from basketball to rap music, and of course, NBA 2K.


Some of the biggest excitement concerning the new release seems to be surrounding the MYLEAGUE game mode. Steve Noah of Operation Sports broke the news concerning this game mode and included a variety of features that will be available to gamers in this mode. A number of exciting features will be included in this game mode and the reveal has many fans excited about the mode. To see an entire list of the features that will be included in the new MYLEAGUE game mode, click here.

Player Ratings Receive an Overhaul

For many years, NBA 2K fans have been clamoring for an overhaul of the game’s player rating system. Well it looks like with NBA 2K15, fans have gotten their wish. Chris Manning, NBA 2K15 Community Manager recently tweeted that 2K15 would have a new ratings system and that only four current NBA players would have a rating over 90 at the game’s launch.

After Kevin Durant was revealed as one of those four players (95 rating), speculation quickly began concerning who three active players could be. This is a big departure from NBA 2K14, where 10 active players had ratings of 90 or above at the time of release.

NBA 2K also began releasing player ratings – 100 ratings for every 5000 twitter followers. On September 3rd, after surpassing 580,000 twitter followers, 2K released ratings 401-424. The NBA 2K Twitter account, currently at 581,000 followers will release ratings 301-400 once the 585,000 follower mark is reached.

For more information concerning NBA 2K15, click here.

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