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NBA 2K13 : Refinement + attention to detail = countless W’s

Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Derek Rose (NBA 2K13 cover athletes)
Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Derek Rose (NBA 2K13 cover athletes)
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Over the last several years, the NBA 2K series has ruled the basketball video game landscape. More recent installments have met the previous standard. In 2011, Michael Jordan became the first non-current basketball player to serve as cover athlete on a basketball game. One of the game’s main modes focused on the career of Michael Jordan, allowing the player to replay many of his greatest games. In 2K12, the focus of the game was more centered on the team component of basketball. Despite the fact that teams are lead by superstar players, everything always comes back to the overall team. NBA 2K12 highlighted this fact by allowing players access to several other players and their respective teams. In 2K11 so much of the focus was on Michael Jordan, while in the 2012 installment more attention was given to the teams that have more than distinguished themselves over the course of NBA history. Along with Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen, Hakeem Olajuwon and others were showcased. Many advancements were made in the overall gameplay which made the experience more realistic and enjoyable.

With an intended release of October, 2, 2012, the developers of NBA 2K13 have no intention of disappointing loyal fans of the series. According to an interview with the developers, available on, it seems that much work has been put into improving the control mechanic, particularly as relates to the right analog stick. In previous games, the right stick served primarily as an alternate shot control mechanism. However, with slight modifications in 2K12, the move to making the right analog stick more of an extension of the player, brought developers to this point. The left trigger will now modify shot controls while dribble moves will be the default.

NBA 2K13 is being touted as the best in the series to date. Time will tell if this sentiment is true. Remember to pick up a copy of the game on October 2nd.