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NBA 2K10 Demo Now Available for Download on Xbox LIVE

NBA 2K10 Demo Available Today
NBA 2K10 Demo available for download on Xbox Live

The demo for NBA 2K10 has become available for download from the Xbox Live Marketplace today.  The demo allows you to play 4 minute quarters in the NBA play-offs using either the Orlando Magic, or Los Angelos Lakers.  The demo is 448MB, and is available free to Xbox Live Gold members.  A demo download will be available on PlayStation network shortly, according to 2K Sports.

The demo allows you to play as either LA, or Orlando, and includes the option to watch a cpu controlled matchup.
The menu structure to access game features confirms the change from the layered right stick activated NBA 2K9 setup to the new left stick activated choices which appeared in the NBA 2K10 Draft Combine download.   There is a controller setup screen in the demo which details updates to the game controller button layout.  Offensive and defensive basic, and player lock control instructions are included with the demo.  There is no game play commentary in the demo, however you can experience changes to the crowd reactions, chants and atmospherics in the Staple Center arena.   The fact that the intro announced that it was time for Tuesday night basketball (demo released on Tuesday) also provided hints as far as upgrades to the live dna features which have been advertised.

The icons indicating player heat have been upgraded to include in game improvement in player performance which were a part of the NBA 2K10 Draft Combine download.   The Gatorade player substitution screen has also been updated with a greater amount of detail and clarification presented.  The actual game play experience is slightly slower, and more realistic if that is possible when compared with NBA 2K9.  There was not a discernible difference in the otherwise exceptional graphics which define the overall on-court game simulation.  There was a distinct upgrade in player expressions, coach & bench reactions during the demo.  The game clock scoreboard was slightly smaller and more difficult to read without the benefit of high definition output.  The NBA 2K10 Draft Combine really demonstrated the graphic detail upgrades available with this release.  The amount of detail for creating and detailing your rookie to be used in the enhanced "My Player" module is exceptional, and will play a major role in this update.

2K Sports has announced Crews, as a new on-line feature, which allows friends to team up and create teams composed of real or created players to compete for progression points and bragging rights as they climb this new leaderboard system.  There were also major enhancements announced  to "The Association", including real time practice and development which will further enhance one of the most robust  sim-franchise modes available in video games today.  NBA 2K10 is the most advanced basketball simulation available for video games.  It still competes favorably with NBA Live 2010 by EA Sports, and is the choice for dedicated ballers who prefer an advanced, simulation based experience.


  • Hoosier 5 years ago

    NBA 2k10 is fantastic. This is far superior to NBA Live 10 and will outsell Live 3 to 1. Can't wait for the real thing Monday night......Also once again Xbox 360 beats PS3. PS3 owners should see the demo shortly after the games release next week.

  • Jason 5 years ago

    wow, this game is very realistic ...the gaming world has come a long way

  • ProfChaos333 5 years ago

    Nice Article! Thanks For Using My Youtube Vid...Glad You Liked It!

  • TheTechnicalGamer 5 years ago

    ProfChaos333, I owe you an apology for not crediting you. I am registered media with 2K Sports and was invited to download and use "A brand new trailer from NBA 2K10 showcasing gameplay". I inadvertently linked the one you posted. Hopefully, this acknowledgment is sufficient. It is very good.

  • Profchaos333 5 years ago

    Naw its cool I wasn't being
    Thanks for acknowledgment. See you on 2K10! 5 MORE DAYS!

  • TheTechnicalGamer 5 years ago

    ProfChaos, my acknowledgement was quite sincere as well. I appreciate your Xbox Live friendship, and look forward to meeting up with you on NBA 2K10. Your gamerscore with NBA 2K9, and The 2K10 Draft Combine verify the skills explicit within your video. Challenge accepted. To quote one of my wrestling diva friends: "Go easy, ok?"

  • Profchaos333 5 years ago

    Naw its cool I wasn't being
    Thanks for acknowledgment. See you on 2K10! 5 MORE DAYS!