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(NB) Mahamad Ali ElFakir writes a very splendid children's story,

STINKY FUMES: King of the Wild by Mahamad Ali ElFakir
Elfa Books, Victor Guiza, Mahamad Ali ElFakir, Outskirts Press

EXAMINER Childrens Book Review by Maryann Scheufele, MA April 30, 2014

STINKY FUMES: King of the Wild
Written by Mahamad Ali ElFakir
Illustrated by Victor Guiza
Paper, Ebook: Elfa Books; Outskirts Press, CO.
Published 2014
Early Reading Book
30 pages
Juvenile Narrative Fiction


STINKY FUMES: King of the Wild. Many tales have been written using animals as characters to teach an "important life lesson"*; yet rarely does one find this sort of distinctly creative talent in coherence with a tight story line that has a delightful twist to it before arriving at it's ending. A children's book author and father of four children has written this story from his insightful way of expressing appreciation for the uniqueness of each individual. Any parent will feel better about themselves if they read this story to their chidren; almost as much as any child who will realize the treasure of their own uniqueness when they read STINKY FUMES: King of the Wild all by themself. This children's book will make a great gift to add to an elementary school classroom where children practice silent reading, because teachers of 8-12 yr olds will love having this story-book in their collection (where students may be allowed to laugh quietly out loud while reading)! The tightly woven simple story line will help to increase the comprehension ability of an early reader. While there are mostly words to read in this book, the illustrations are nice and allow plenty of room for the imagination to work. If you are wondering where a good fun-loving story to read is, then find STINKY FUMES: King of the Wild.


*The writer of this review has not received benefits other than copy of review book to review and has not been contracted to promote a business or products.