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(NB) Collision: THE BATTLE FOR DARRACIA by Michael Phillip Cash is a good story

Collision: THE BATTLE FOR DARRACIA by Michael Phillip Cash
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EX Children's Book Review Maryann M. Scheufele MA August 1, 2014
Written by Michael Phillip Cash
Paper; EBook: Red Feather Publishing New York Los Angeles Las Vegas
Published 2014
Middle Reading Book
246 pages
Chapter Book

(NB) Collision: THE BATTLE FOR DARRACIA by Michael Phillip Cash is a good story for children who have learned to read in a scientific atmosphere, are able to think beyond reality, and outside the box - yet continuously can read to find a storyline that explores reason. For all those middle school aged creative thinking children who may be looking for a new book to read this is a book written that will gain your attention. The writer is a father from Long Island, N.Y., U.S.A., Planet Earth, and he has clearly developed an understanding of how many children have a fascination with the universes and outer space. Technological advancement at the fingertips of young children has enabled today's youth to think about more scientific possibilities than ever before. This story takes place in that imagined universe where you could possibly know more about if you imagine to live there for awhile with the characters in this story as you read. Although none of the names of characters or places in the fast moving intergalactical narrative have ever before been the subject of a story, many of the environmental concerns, social injustices and leadership controversies laced through the story sound almost Earth-like. This chapter book may well be the longest book a middle schooler will take pride in reading all the way to the end. The pages turn quickly. You will travel via the cockpit of a triangular turbo ship able to zip to enter a planet's atmosphere to hover there, or land at will. A unique space age space travel narrative in, this children's book will transport readers into the imaginative yet believable Elements beyond the force of Earth's gravity. The story is written in simple English Language with short sentence structure and easy to follow semantics. Hopefully, young readers will draw the conclusion that in reality there is no place like home, Planet Earth, and smile there way through as they read to the end of the 246 quick page turner galactic story, Collision: THE BATTLE FOR DARRACIA.

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The book, Collision: THE BATTLE FOR DARRACIA is available for purchase from author's web site click here, and also available from amazon click here.