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Naya Rivera: To 'Glee' or not to 'Glee'

Rumors are circulating about Rivera's status with her hit show "Glee."
Photo by Valerie Macon

Is Naya Rivera fired from hit Fox dramedy "Glee" or not? That is the million dollar question. Rumors have been circulating like mad that the star was fired for feuding with producers or feuding with other actors or some mix of the two. A Tuesday dispatch by The Hollywood Reporter claims that Rivera isn't leaving "Glee" and the most recent rumors are false.

According to the report, Naya Rivera is not fired from "Glee" and will be returning at some point. While many speculate her departure after seeing her clean things from her trailer, that is most likely due to her being done this season but not forever.

In order to clear her name, Naya's rep released a statement to let others know that there was no fight with producers that led to her dismissal. Further, the final season of "Glee" will be different from the rest and all the former cast have been invited back. We wonder if that means Dianna Agron, who also was rumored to not get along with the rest of the cast?

There have been multiple reports of Naya Rivera's status on "Glee" with many saying she was feuding with co-star Lea Michele. Radar Online even went so far as to publish that she was not allowed on set and that Rivera had been written out of the last two episodes of season 4.

Radar Online claims that a "source" told them that Naya had been given many chances and that Fox even sent two different warnings to her about her behavior on set. They go further to claim that Fox threatened legal action against the starlet if she didn't clean up her act.

It is true that Rivera may be having a tough time right now. She recently broke up with her now former fiance' Big Sean. It is unclear exactly what happened in their relationship but she did take to social media to claim that he stole her Rolex.

Do you believe the rumors that Naya Rivera was fired from "Glee" or do you think it's all made up? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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