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Navy ship runs aground: USS Taylor hits land, ship patrolling Sochi avoids harm

The USS Taylor ship that ran aground patrolling Sochi
The USS Taylor ship that ran aground patrolling Sochi
Twitter Photo, Winona Daily News

A Navy ship ran aground this week, leaving the USS Taylor temporarily out of commission after it struck land while patrolling the waters of the Black Sea. In a militaristic show of support of the U.S. athletes and spectators at Sochi, as well a way to demonstrate the Navy’s presence at the Olympic Winter Games to hopefully deter any potential terrorist attacks, the vessel’s presence was only a form of precaution. However, Web Pro News reports this Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014, that after the ship struck low-lying waters, America remains down one protective vessel.

Although the medalists at Sochi might be stealing the spotlight, when a Navy ship runs aground, it’s certain to make a splash in the news. No major details have been provided yet on the U.S. response to losing its patrolling ship in the Black Sea, though the ship is said to fortunately have avoided any serious harm to its hull.

The surprising incident took place just last Wednesday while the USS Taylor was in the process of mooring in at Samsun, a port city located in Turkey. The ship was preparing to be refueled, but instead found itself stuck, having hit land a bit too soon.

After running aground so close to the port’s dock, an emergency inspection was conducted to verify whether any damage had been sustained to the Navy ship. Although the hull avoided any serious harm, the report noted that the ship’s massive propeller blades had suffered “considerable damage.”

Out of the roughly 200 crew members aboard the vessel at the time of USS Taylor’s impact, no one was injured in the accident. When a Navy ship runs aground, the next logical question that comes to mind is when the vessel will be ready to move again.

As of this Wednesday morning, states Sixth Fleet spokesman and U.S. Commander Philip Rosi on the status of the USS Taylor, the ship will be out of commission for an indeterminate amount of time. It seems the U.S. may be down a patrolling vessel for the remainder of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.

“It simply remains too early to determine the impact to the schedule,” concluded the spokesman via an email.

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