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Navy ship runs aground patrolling Sochi Winter Olympics

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Navy ship runs aground near the site of the Sochi Winter Olympics. One of two United States Navy patrol ships assigned to the Black Sea has run aground. According to on Feb. 19, the guided-missile frigate ran into trouble while attempting to dock in a Turkish port.

The frigate USS Taylor ran aground Feb. 12, 2014, as it was preparing to moor at Samsun, Turkey, about 230 miles southwest of Sochi.

Navy ship runs aground but security should not be affected. The USS Mount Whitney was the second ship dispatched to the Black Sea. It is available to respond to any crisis should Russia request assistance. The USS Whitney is an amphibious command ship.

After the U.S. Navy ship ran aground it needed to be inspected for any damage it may have incurred. Repairs to the frigate should be completed within a couple of days. The USS Taylor should be able to continue its mission in the Black Sea after that time.

European U.S Navy spokesman Lt. Shawn Eklund said that they are prepared to provide assistance to the Russian Federation if asked.

'The Navy is still prepared to render support to the Russian Federation in the event of a crisis or contingency operation'

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