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Navy Seal cocaine bust gives man and wife jail time

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A Navy Seal tried to smuggle cocaine into the U.S. over Christmas, and he is now facing time behind the bars after being caught. Angel Martinez-Ramos was stopped by Miami DEA agents on Christmas Eve after they received a tip that someone would try to use a government passport to smuggle in drugs. On May 3, News Oxy reported on the man's arrest and what happened next.

Martinez-Ramos was stopped for questioning when he arrived in Miami on a flight from Aruba. He was not alone though. His wife was with him, and he told her to stay on the plane with the bag carrying 10 kilos of cocaine. He was supposed to give her all the clear by phone, and she was then to leave the plane carrying the drugs. When she didn't receive any call, she left the bag carrying the drugs on board the plane.

The couple was both arrested and taken into custody. His wife, Bibiana Marcela Lopez-Correa, has plead guilty, and she is now serving a sentence of 70 months in jail. She was a part of the plan, and she was told by her husband to lie if questioned. She was 'visiting her husband' in Virginia. The couple also had their Hamptons, VA home searched. Several items were found there. This includes firearms, grenades, and 9,000 bullets.

Angel Martinez-Ramos has also plead guilty, and he is now facing a jail sentence that could give him at least 10 years in prison. He could also be given a life sentence. On the street, the 10 kilos of cocaine would sell for $350,000. Martinez-Ramos served as a Navy Seal for 14 years before retiring to the Navy reserves in 2010. What do you think of this drug bust? What would make the former Navy Seal try to smuggle drugs into the country?



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