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Navy jet crash update: Pilot found dead at Nevada crash site

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The Navy jet crash site was finally reached and the fighter jet is a “total loss” with the pilot’s condition still unknown today. The crash site was hard to get to as a snow storm was blanketing the mountainous terrain where the jet went down, according to CNN News on March 3.

Crews took several hours to reach the site due to the conditions. The jet that went down about 30 miles from the Navy training center was a U.S. Marine jet on loan to the U.S. Navy Strike and Air Center.

Apparently the Navy reported that the jet was one of their Hornets, which is incorrect. According to, the Navy is withholding the pilot’s name for the next 24 hours, but it is not known if he was found or what condition he was in if he was found. There were no guns or ammunition on board as this was just a training flight, reports the Navy.

There was no other injuries reported with this crash and there were no reported damages on the ground, since the jet went down in a rural area away from homes and businesses.

Update March 3: The pilot of the crashed Navy jet was found dead at the Nevada crash site, according to Navy officials. The pilot was alone on the jet at the time it crashed. The name was not released pending notification of family. The crash happened about noon on Saturday and it took rescue personal several hours to reach the site due to a massive snow storm in the area. The pilot's remains were found Sunday.