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Navy 'Frozen': New video of lip syncing 'Love is an Open Door' goes viral

A new "Frozen" video is going viral. On Wednesday, NewsMax shared this video and everyone can't stop talking about it. This clip is of two guys that are in the Navy and they are sitting in their car. They decided to video their lip syncing to the song "Love is an Open Door." Kids love this movie including free printables from it.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

This video already has over 1.5 million views and they are rising. Fans are loving it and can't stop sharing the clip. You can see it in the video on this page. They are driving down the road as they are filming it and one guy is the girl which is hilarious. During the entire video it looks like there are just two guys in the car until one pops up at the very end to join in the video.

It is crazy how popular the songs from this movie are now and that everyone knows them. There are a lot of videos out there of people lip syncing to "Frozen" songs so you will have to make a unique one if you want to go viral and get noticed like these two Navy men did with their new one.

New York Daily News shared that these are two Navy baseball players by the names of Matt Kilby and Brad Borosak. They are both with the U.S. Naval Academy. Matt is actually a pitcher and Brad plays infield for the team. Kilby even called it more like "Brozen" than "Frozen."

They actually did the video for the baseball team to help with moral. They were convinced to put it online and since they did it has gone viral. The views are increasing by the minute on this "Frozen" clip. It has always been on YouTube, but they decided to make it public and not private. Now the rest is history and everyone loves their new clip.

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