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Navigating Special Education Law & Advocacy

Navigating the system in special education
Navigating the system in special education
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The end of the school year is approaching.  As parents begin looking forward to the planning and placement of their child with special needs, the importance of the special education departments within each school, budgetary constraints, and available support become critical to a child's progression and subsequent success.  Many times, compromises can be made and the parent/school relationship remains intact.  Other times, a parent becomes an even more active participant, in advocating for services, when there is a breakdown in communication or negotiation.  Emotions tend to run high and a third party is often needed to arbitrate. 

Attorney, Philip Cohn, represents many parents frustrated with "the system".  Along with attorneys representing the school districts, Mr. Cohn is holding free seminars this month to help parents, educators and service providers understand both sides of the story.   The seminar is entitled "Navigating special education law:  attorneys representing parents & school boards discuss the issues".   The first seminar will be held on April 7th, at the Fairfield Public Library, at 6:45pm.  The second is at the Wilton Public Library on April 26th, at 6:45pm.  Learn how (parent and school district) attorneys attempt to work together to resolve various disputes.

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