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Naughty Nits can help you with lice infestation

Don't be sad about lice! Naughty Nits will help!
Don't be sad about lice! Naughty Nits will help!
Andrew C. (andreyutzu on

'Tis the season! Every year, without fail, those creepy crawlies known as nits and lice make their way into our local schools. No one is immune: public nor private, city nor suburban, lower class nor upper class. Just the mere mention of the word makes you start to scratch your head and imagine you can feel them crawling all over your skin. It's a hassle to get rid of them and can make even the strongest person feel squeamish.

Enter Naughty Nits. This Pittsford-based company was started by biologist Marnie Murray and nurse Lisa Saul to address the ever-present problem in our community. Seeing a problem with all of the chemicals being used, they decided to look for a more natural, yet highly effective way to get rid of the lice and nits. AirAlle, an FDA-cleared medical device, uses hot air to blast the lice and nits, dehydrating and killing them in just one treatment. It's less toxic for the environment, and more importantly, for your family. You will still need to treat your house, but Naughty Nits will help you out with this important step.

The original location in Buffalo was opened in 2010 and has had tremendous success. A strong need in the Rochester area inspired them to open up here.

Naughty Nits is located in Pittsford, NY at 135 Sully's Trail Suite 7. Call their hotline at 716-262-6792.