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Naughty Dog wants 1080p at 60 fps for ‘Uncharted 4’ and all future PS4 titles

Photo courtesy of Naughty Dog, used with permission

For their upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive Uncharted 4, Naughty Dog is hoping to allow the game to run at a native resolution of 1080p at a steady 60 frames per second. Furthermore, the developer revealed that their hope is to meet the same resolution and frame-rate goal for ever one of their future PS4 releases. Discussing the topic with Eurogamer on Monday, Naughty Dog community strategist Arne Meyer revealed the developer’s plans for the new platform and the importance that they feel that frame-rate plays on gaming.

Meyer admitted that Naughty Dog has previously attempted to develop games that ran in 60 fps at 1080p, but they simply couldn’t get past the limitations of the last-gen hardware to make it happen. However, with the PS4, the console’s additional power provides the opportunity to finally meet that goal and the developer believes that every one of their titles will be able to meet the improved frame-rate from this point forward.

Uncharted 4 won’t be the first game that the developer will release on the Playstation 4 that will support 1080p and 60 frames per second. Later this year, Naughty Dog will launch The Last of Us Remastered Edition that will bring the higher resolution and frame-rate exclusively to Sony’s new-gen console.

Meyer also revealed that he’d personally like to see an Uncharted remastered trilogy that re-released all of the series’ older entries on the PS4 with 60 fps and 1080p support. However, the developer has not yet officially announced an HD remake of the franchise at this time.

The Last of Us Remastered Edition will begin the proposed era of 1080p Naughty Dog titles that run in a full 60 frames per second when the game soon lands on the PS4 for the first time. The trend will then continue in 2015 when Untharted 4 is expected to release.