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Naughty Dog confirms ‘The Last of Us: Left Behind’ DLC releases Feb 14

The Last of Us: Left Behind
The Last of Us: Left Behind
Naughty Dog

Images posted on the Playstation Store yesterday, which were removed later in the day, advertised the first story DLC for The Last of US with a posted release date announcing that the add-on would launch on Feb 14. The Valentine’s Day release, however, was then officially confirmed on Wednesday after Naughty Dog decided to go ahead and announce that the date was accurate and that The Last of Us: Left Behind would indeed become available for download starting Feb 14.

The Left Behind DLC for The Last of Us allows fans to once again follow Ellie through the game’s unique post-apocalyptic setting. Taking place before the events of the game’s single player campaign, the add-on partners Ellie with her best friend Riley instead of Joel.

Naughty Dog has commented that launching The Last of Us: Left Behind, alongside working on the upcoming Playstation 4 Uncharted title, are the developer’s top priorities at the moment.

The Last of Us is now available exclusively on the Playstation 3. The Left Behind DLC will be the first story-driven single player add-on for the critically acclaimed game.

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