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Naughty dog caught in action

Is your dog a naughty dog!
Is your dog a naughty dog!
Kent Stoneburner

Not certain how you grew up, but after speaking with many individuals in this great big world of ours, the general consensus is that just a couple of decades and more ago, dogs were not allowed in typical households. It was only during times of great distress (the dog was hurt, the weather was unconditionally inappropriate, the dog was acting as protector) that dogs were allowed anywhere within the human living establishment.

Times have certainly changed, but some rules still apply when it comes to the dog in some households. Many people still do not like having pets on the furniture, for various reasons, and this includes, if not specifies, the people’s beds.

One little dog, after specifically receiving instructions to stay off the bed, still did what he wanted and had a heyday on the forbidden bed. His video has gone viral. If you have not seen it, it is high time that you did. See it on The will chuckle at the sight of this sinister pooch who is simply enjoying the forbidden fruit.

Dogs will carry forth such activities and more when they are bored – especially when they are specifically told not to do the actions. Are they naughty or just lonely? It is up to the pet parent to decide.

Another great action that many dogs get caught up in is eating out of the garbage cans. Dogs eat things to see what they are; if they are good snacks or something they may be missing out on. Again, however, when the dog is reminded not to do the action and they are bored, they are all revved up and more compelled than ever to do the very action that they were expressly warned not to do!

So, how does a pet parent ward off the actions that they do not want their dog to do? One method is to ensure that the dog is not listening as commanded to do so, as in the case with Naughty Dog. His pet parents installed video monitoring devices (as we see from the video) and caught the pooch in action. It is much more obvious if a dog has been in the trash as it will usually be spread all over the place.

Dogs are like young children. You have to remove them from the temptation. If you leave them amongst the action, it simply tempts them to try again. If you hit them, they may do the same action out of contempt. If you remove them and distract them with something else, they will most likely forget about the previous forbidden action and carry on with the new task at hand.

Keep doors shut. Keep trash covered. Keep dogs in their crates if they happen to continue no matter what with the action that upsets you.

There are many ways to prevent a naughty dog. Find a positive solution and try it on for size. When you’ve successfully deterred the dog, perhaps you can look back at the previous situation and laugh with the rest of us!

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