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Naughty Bear Giveaway (Xbox 360), part 1

Naughty Bear
Naughty Bear
Courtesy 505 Games

UPDATE: THIS ONE IS OVER!  Thanks for making this another successful contest! Thanks to everyone who took the time out of their day to enter.

A special shout goes to the awesome community at the CheapAssGamer forums. If you want the inside scoop for next time, get over there and register.

UPDATE 2: Our winner has been notified, congrats!

We described Naughty Bear as a wholesome British Saturday morning cartoon, filtered through the combined lens of Itchy & Scratchy and Happy Tree Friends. It's a violent and twisted little adventure from A2M, the developers behind WET.

Admittedly the game hasn't been a critical hit, but the majority of the complaints we had centered around price. For free, we think it's a pretty tasty title. So, we're giving away 2 copies (sealed retail packages) of the Xbox 360 version this month, beginning right now.

Just like our Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker contest, we're taking you on an image hunt, and an easier one at that. Instead of finding 5 characters, you only need to find one: The ZomBear! We've hidden duplicate images of the Zombear somewhere inside our XBOX 360 category. Read the short list of rules to get started.

  1. IMPORTANT: Entries must be submitted via email by clicking here. Alternately, send an email to with the subject "Naughty Bear Contest." Comments are not allowed.
  2. ZOMBEAR HUNT: We've hidden 3 duplicate images of the ZOMBEAR (See image below) among our XBOX 360 articles. They can also be hidden inside the slideshow sections. Don't worry, you ONLY have to hunt through the XBOX 360 category.
  3. FOUND EM ALL? To win, you must email me directly (not Examiner) with 3 article headlines where you found the ZomBear. Titles only, no URL's are required.
  4. TIMELINE: Contest runs through Friday, July 9th at 1pm EST/10am PST. At that time, all entries will be assigned a number, and a random winner will be chosen using
  5. REMEMBER: If you leave a comment with the correct answers, you're only killing your chances by allowing hundreds of other people to enter! (Plus, it'll be deleted instantly anyway)
  6. SUGGESTION: Grab our RSS Feed or click "SUBSCRIBE" at the top of this article to stay in the loop, as there are more contests coming!



Don't worry, if you don't win this round, we're hosting a second Naughty Bear giveaway next week!


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