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Nau: Down Hoody

Down Hoody
Down Hoody

If you’re unaware we’re in the middle of our third big snowfall since January 1st here in Columbus, and it’s adding up to well more then 30 inches this year. With nasty winds, and some amazing trails in southern Ohio that have drifts of over 5 feet, this was the perfect weather to test out some new gear. I started with this jacket from Nau.

Solid stitching, 850 Goose Down filling, tough lightweight fabric that sheds the water nicely, and all the normal things you would want from a good down coat make this an incredible jacket. But it’s the little touches that set this apart, the front zip is offset, which may look odd at first, but it also provides a unique look that will get you compliments when you go out. More over, the offset zipper keeps the zipper away from your face and provides a full wind-flap over 4 inches wide from top to bottom, with a back tape running the length of the zipper, which keeps you from snagging the coat in the zip. The hood fits snugly around your face, which prevents wind from blowing it down, and the fit in the shoulders and body is perfect. Two pockets, one zip and one snow pouch, pull ties in the pockets also keep the wind from getting up under your jacket.

Another added bonus is how compressible this jacket is, it came to our offices in a envelope with another item, yeah you read that right, two full size items came in one shipping envelope. And on top of that, I was able to compress it down even further to a 5 x 5 inch square, which means this is a perfect for backpacking, or road tripping.