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Naturi Naughton previews 'Power' season finale: 'Prepare for the unexpected'

Naturi Naughton stars as Tasha St. Patrick in the Starz original series 'Power,' which completes its first season on Saturday, August 2 at 9 PM on the premium cable network.
Naturi Naughton stars as Tasha St. Patrick in the Starz original series 'Power,' which completes its first season on Saturday, August 2 at 9 PM on the premium cable network.
Starz/Courtesy of Platform PR

Starz' freshman original series Power is wrapping up its first season of drug dealing, double crossing, and relationship drama - so there's a lot to talk about! We checked in on Friday with actress Naturi Naughton - who stars as Tasha St. Patrick, the tenacious wife of club owner and drug dealer James "Ghost" St. Patrick - to find out what might happen tonight and get her thoughts on season one as a whole.

Naturi Naughton stars as Tasha St. Patrick in the Starz original series 'Power,' which ends its first season tonight.
Starz/Courtesy of Platform PR

"Wow, this season finale is going to be crazy!" Naturi told us. "All I can say is, prepare for the unexpected! Lots of tables will turn, certain characters will reveal themselves, and everything that Ghost worked for is going to be at risk!"

We know the viewers have been waiting to see this episode, but did she get excited or nervous when filming the season finale? "Yes, I absolutely did! I feel just as excited [as the audience]!" she said. "Filming the finale was like creating an epic event or writing the last chapter of a book that I didn't want to end.

"I knew how important the finale would be, so for me, I just wanted to do everything I could to make sure that all of my choices as Tasha were strong and consistent with what the audience had seen all season long. I'm anxious for the fans to see [it]!"

It's also the culmination of a season-long journey for Tasha, who's been shown to be much more than just the spouse of the show's main character. She's had her own storyline and created her own charged reaction amongst the show's audience. "Tasha was written beautifully by [series creator] Courtney Kemp Agboh and that's why I was so excited to play this role," Naturi reflected.

"I definitely got a chance to add my input and create Tasha, but fortunately I was handed a character that was complex and interesting. I think the writers have done a great job to make Tasha the strong, ride or die wife who has just as much knowledge of the drug game as her husband does."

"I really enjoyed the scene in episode six where I got to sing. I was really happy to have the opportunity to showcase my musical background in this show, so that was pretty cool," she continued. "Also, I really enjoyed the scene in episode five where Tommy and I were smoking a blunt in the car. That was a lot of fun and I loved how our characters are like brother and sister. Those are some of my favorite moments."

With so much duplicity going on, there are plenty of secrets to be discovered in Power, but Naturi told us that she wasn't looking to find them out too early. "I didn't want to know too much. I think I prefer to find things out as I go," she explained, "so every time I read a new script I would be shocked and excited, as if I was just a fan of the show. I think it was better for me to not be inundated with too much information at once, because as an actress, I don't ever want to anticipate what's going to happen to my character in episode eight, when I'm only in episode two."

What have been her favorite aspects of the series so far? "I have fallen in love with the look and the style of our show," she reflected. "I think because it's so gritty and edgy, I am literally on the edge of my seat while watching. I love watching the relationships unfold, the interesting camera shots, and to hear the way the music in a scene tells the story."

And the story won't end here. Starz has already picked up Power for a sophomore season, so we asked Naturi what she's hoping will happen when she picks up the character again. "I'd like to see Tasha continue to grow and take some if her power back!" she told us. "Right now, Tasha has always valued herself by her connection to Ghost and she doesn't know herself without him. I'm interested to see her step into her own more and recognize her own strength."

She won't have to wait too long to find out what's ahead. "My hiatus is almost over! We start shooting the second season mid September, so [it's almost] back to work for me, which I'm really excited about!" she said. "I have really had a great summer, and I'm looking forward to a powerful year!"

The first-season finale of Power airs tonight at 9 PM ET/PT on Starz. The series has already been renewed for a second season.

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