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Nature versus nurture

Nature or nurture?
Nature or nurture?
Franc Podgoršek/PhotoXpress

I have been trying to research an article about whether multiples learn about sexuality differently than their peers.  I haven't been able, yet, to find any studies on the subject, but it has led me to research on a debate I didn't anticipate: whether identical twins can prove or disprove the theory that homosexuality is genetic.

Studies seem to indicate that in cases where one twin is gay, the other is somewhat more likely to be gay as well.  However, as with most statistics, these are easily interpreted in several different ways.  One might, as these authors do, conclude that the higher rate of concordance indicates that  genetic and/or environmental factors are extremely important in determining sexuality.  However, looking at the same basic data, another author points out that if genetics (or even environment, since most twins are raised together) were all that mattered, 100% of identical twins should have the same sexuality as their sibling.  For another look, here's a 20/20 story on the subject.

The Minnesota Twin Study, while it doesn't deal specifically with sexuality, has revealed some surprising things about twins -- the researchers did not find that identical twins necessarily chose similar mates, for example, but they did find that they had similar rates of divorce.

I'm curious about your experiences in this regard:

1) Have you seen evidence of either nature or nurture affecting your kids' sexuality?  What about other areas of their lives?

2) How do you teach about sexuality in your home?  Do your children learn from each other?  And, if so, do you think that it's been helpful for them to do so?


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