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Nature's free gift also known as Gemini

Baby Gator enjoying the spot light
Baby Gator enjoying the spot light
Jenice Guzman

It’s about time to take out the tank tops and shorts and enjoy nature’s free gift, also known as Gemini Springs Park. Upon entering the park, you just may be greeted by a group friendly and wild peacocks. Be careful not to mistake them with wild turkeys. Though both animals are both friendly and beautiful, guest are not advised to pet them.

Before having access to the numerous natural spring, there’s a designated dog park and several play grounds for the younger children. With acres of fresh green grass, beware of the flying disks, footballs, and the occasional bugs that tend to land in unattended food. Of course it wouldn't be considered a park without bees and ant hills, so be on the lookout and bring plenty bug spray.

Following the trail, passed the screaming children, you’ll enter the natural park nearly untouched by humans. Crossing over wooden bridge, with a small stream before, you may be able to catch a glimpse of a spring. The springs are really interesting, though they are kind of hard to point it. What it looks like is a pot of boiling water; blue boiling water. The water looks shallow but it measured at thirteen feet. And though the interesting blue water seems refreshing, guest are advised no to swim in it.

Once you cross over the bridge there are one of two ways go; the dirt trail or the paved trail near the water. If you decided to take the paved trail you’ll spot a number of different animals. There’s a dozen of different fish you can spot from the clear water. The fish range from large striped fish to tiny fish they blend with color of the water.

Usually swimming above the fish are ducks. Usually there are the rear black ducks with white beaks, yet on some days you’ll be able to spot the famous white ducks with yellow beaks. The most interacted animal that will come right up to you are the squirrels.

The squirrels are bigger than average due to years of being fed by humans, but they are actually very friendly. One thing you don’t want to miss are the alligators that swim in the springs. The alligators are fairly small only because once they become a certain size they are removed to safety reasons.

There is something for everyone at Gemini Springs. Nature lovers can rent a canoe and ride alongside the gators. While others can throw a line out and fish until sunset. And if you are looking for a hall to rent, there is a decent size room that’s right on the water for weddings to birthday parties. And there are area directly for campers. Every few weeks Gemini Springs host family events like art and food festivals for all ages.

So, come out to Gemini Springs and enjoys natures free gift!

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