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Nature's Best: 10 Outdoor date Activities to do with Your Significant Other

Summer is here and that means fun date activities with your loved one. Here are 10 great outdoor activities to do with your significant other:

1) Bear Mountain. Bear Mountain Inn is located in Rockland, NY. You can go for a hike in the woods and just enjoy nature with each other.

2) Challenge your sweetie for a round of Tennis. You can be flirty and let him see your challenging side. You can even say "If I win you have to give me a kiss."

3) Dinner at Seaside Johnny's. It is expensive and you can see the beach from the top. It is located in Rye, NY.

4) Go to Six Flags Great Adventure or any amusement park. Holding on to each other while going on the fastest roller coaster or any ride gives you a chance to hold onto your sweetie.

5) A day at the beach. Challenge him to a round of Volleyball.

6) A Picnic in Your Backyard. You can eat outside and at night look at the stars. Have deep and meaningful conversations and hold each other.

7) Go Miniature Golfing. Miniature Golf is always fun to play.

8) For a boat ride. Enjoy the nice weather and go on a boat with each other.

9) Canoeing in Manhattan. Manhattan has Canoe rides and it can be expensive but it can be fun.

10) Go to a State or Street Fair. There are new foods to try and you can even buy some cool things.

You can also do other things as well with your loved one. There are baseball games and many other fun date activities. If you live in Westchester you can Google what is happening in your town or other nearby towns. You can also find out what is going on in the city if you like the city. Summer is here so enjoy it with your loved one.

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