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Nature Is Good for the Brain

lighten forest
lighten forest

According to a article on, dated January 21st, nature can have a great effect on the way our brain works. In this modern day it seems that we have or most of us have disconnected from nature and have sided with the modern life we have now. People are in front of a screen more often than actually out in the nature and just enjoying the fresh air. People spend little time to even think about it since most of our daily lives are centered around school, work and our wants. You could say we have become a generation that is knowledge hungry and although knowledge is power and a great thing, it is great to take our grip from that for a while and think about the simpler things in life, like a walk through the park.

The co-author of "Your Brain on Nature" says in some studies people experience a meditative state or calm state of mind when in nature. Our brainwaves seem to change when we are surrounded by mother-nature herself and it all suddenly seems to change again when we are placed in a different environment. So what does this say... you might could say it's saying when we are in a natural environment we seem to connect with something peaceful and comforting. We begin to loosen up from the stresses of the modern life and smell the roses as clean and crisp as could be. So how does this influence people in their daily lives?

Some physicians are now prescribing nature as medication for people who might be experiencing some uneasiness in life and just need to get away. People are starting to appreciate nature more so than before now that new studies are showing the overwhelming fact that nature in fact could be a resolve. It is starting to become a realistic truth that nature in fact does make us feel better. So next time you feel you need some time away, step out into nature and just breath, it may be the cure.