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Nature hates you, like really hates you

Nature Hates You
Nature Hates You

Nature is a beautiful thing that gives us some of the most glorious things on Earth, from the tiniest creatures living in the endless depths of the sea to the shimmering enchantment of the northern lights above us. Even beyond the skies lie the wondrous possibilities of an infinite starry galaxy that humans have always dreamed of seeing for themselves. But make no mistake, nature hates you. People think they can “get in touch with nature” by going on a hike or sitting outside at Starbucks but nature does not want to get in touch with you. At all.

Nature makes this very clear time and time again.Sometimes it’s something small, just an annoying little thing to encourage you to stay indoors like a mosquito bite or a sunburn. But sometimes, when nature really wants to prove a point, it's something a little bit bigger. Like a tornado ripping through your house and throwing you into the sky or a tsunami that thinks you'd be happier underwater or an earthquake that just assumed you'd like a closer look at the ground.

Whatever it is, nature just really wants you to know how it feels about all of us as species and nature is somewhat justified if you want to get technical. Sure, we haven't been the best tenants. We're loud, we're messy, we never clean up after a massive oil spill and there's no way we'll be getting our damage deposit back but come on, nature. You don't have to throw a hurricane tantrum every time you get upset.

So if nature hates us so much, let's show it how much happier we all are indoors surrounded by the true miracle of man-made technology. Who needs the outdoors? It’s always way too hot or way too cold out there anyways, so stay indoors with your central air and heating. Curl up with a nice comfortable episode of Nature Hates You, check out their Twitter and their Tumblr and show nature who's boss.