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Nature gives solace

Descanso Gardens
Descanso Gardens

Being disabled, whether by accident, war or disease, brings tremendous emotional baggage along with it. No one person can actually say why we have such gripping emotions definitively, because everyone’s circumstance is different. The term ‘emotional baggage’ encompasses every kind of emotion from: depression, anger, sadness, resentment and fear, a sense of irony, absurdity and then some.

So, what are we supposed to do with the anger and sadness when it creeps in like a poisonous vapor and zaps energy and outlook? Several obvious solutions pound their feet, like therapy and medication, but the quiet solution, sitting patiently on the porch of your mental-emotional house, happens to be affordable and without prescription. -It’s outdoors in nature, to give one soothing soul comfort. It’s difficult to say why nature refreshes the way it does, perhaps it’s the elemental need to connect with nature and get close to our origins. Suffice it to declare, ‘It works’!

Seek the comfort of nature, whether in your own garden or better yet by visiting places that have wildlife, however small, and vistas to ponder. Point is, one can’t be indoors all day every day and be emotionally balanced. As one ad proclaims, ‘Get out there'.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, try visiting Descanso Gardens in La Canada, a huge (150 acres) botanical garden. A great place for tranquility, contemplation, many plants, birds, and darting lizards.

Another place to visit/tour is Griffith Park, to get the cobwebs from under your arms, breath in the trees, and relax while spotting coyotes. Neither place requires you walk, unless you can or wish to. Bring some lunch or dinner as you watch the sun descend in the sky. The point is to get outdoors for respite. Have you tried bird watching? Hang a feeder and identify them, or watch the squirrels try and shimmy in and grab those seeds.

Further, you can roll around Will Rodgers state park just north of Santa Monica. For a real treat, book a disabled cabin at El Capitan beach canyon, half hour north of Santa Barbara. It’s a private place with acres of gorgeous elm and sycamore trees, plenty of wildlife as well. Plan to stay at least two days and nights.

"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings, nature's peace will flow into you, like sunshine into trees." -John Muir

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