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2014 Winter Olympics

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Nature and Snowboarding: Jamie Anderson prepares for Sochi

Jamie Anderson partners with Olay
Jamie Anderson partners with Olay
Marina Maher Communications

If humility is a depiction of success, 23-year-old Jamie Anderson has every ingredient. Coming from a family of eight children, Anderson learned at an early age the importance of staying humble and giving back to her community.

Jamie Anderson
Marina Maher Communications

The U.S. snowboarder is one of the best and crowds will be all eyes on the athlete as she debuts the snowboard slopestyle at the Sochi Olympics.

Although, the down to earth girl from South Lake Tahoe, Calif is more concerned about living in the moment and experiencing nature as opposed to worrying about what others will say.

She’s about being present and expressing gratitude for being able to live out her dream.

“Growing up in the mountains and always being an [outdoor] girl [with] exploring, hiking [and] getting into snowboarding at a young age. It inspired me to love the [Earth] and everything it has to offer,” said Anderson, who says that she got involved in snowboarding after receiving hand-me-down snowboards of her sister’s. She soon was able to join the local mountain snowboard team.

“If I’m going to be doing anything, I’m going to have fun and enjoy myself,” she said, laughing.

Anderson has the charisma and talent to execute amazing tricks in the snow, and she does it effortlessly. The sport, which she describes as her first true passion has a great leader in Anderson, who will shock, yet entertain with tricks and stunts that will model skateboarding in the Olympics.

“My sister Joanie always told me about trusting yourself and your abilities, and seeing it through ‘til the end. She always said that snowboarding is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical, and if you believe in yourself you’re capable of doing whatever you aspire to do,” said Anderson.

As much as being a skilled athlete, Anderson also is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. She stays mentally and physically intact by regularly practicing yoga and eating organic foods. In the last five years, Anderson admits to being more conscious about what she puts into her body.

When the three time gold medalist isn’t snowboarding, she also loves to travel and embrace cultures.

“My favorite place is New Zealand it’s just absolutely beautiful; the quality of life, and the quality of food is amazing. The people are kind, [and] just [by] being there and breathing the air, I feel a little bit healthier,” said Anderson.

As the Sochi games approach, Anderson has a plan for preparing. Her biggest plan includes creating balance in her life between the various pressures and stress that competing can create. Anderson added that, it’s also important to stay physically strong and healthy in order to help create mental clarity, along with training regularly.

Recently, Anderson partnered with Olay beauty products through Procter and Gamble (P&G). According to Anderson, the partnership is great because being in the mountains at high elevation can often cause her skin to become dry and dehydrated.

Her beauty tip for protecting skin in the snow is to use Olay’s beauty products. “I use a lot of different things, but lately I [am loving] the Olay Fresh Effects Hydrating Gel Moisture which helps bring hydration to your face.”

Anderson is also a philanthropist who believes in giving back in the community. She has a sponsorship program for kids who want to learn about snowboarding called, “Give Back with Love.”

Her advice to young people who have a dream is to “find passion in whatever you do and enjoy this precious life that we all get to share together.”

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