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Natural Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Natural ways to control mosquitoes
Natural ways to control mosquitoes
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Hot humid weather is an invitation for mosquitoes to set up housekeeping. With the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky just getting into the hot summer season, here are several ways to prevent mosquito bites naturally and cheaply.

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1. Plant mosquito repelling plants around and near your door way and around your garden. Plants to use to repel mosquitoes are: Mint (any kind), basil, catmint, rosemary, yarrow, marigold, vanilla scented geraniums, garlic, lemon balm and citronella plants.
2. Clear out any standing water. Mosquitoes will use the water to lay eggs and multiply. Do not let water accumulate outside in gutters, pots, trash bins, etc.
3. Rub dryer sheets on your body; the mosquitoes do not like the scent and will stay away from you.
4. An old home remedy that really works is to use mint flavored mouthwash in a spray bottle to spray around your home and your plants to keep the mosquitoes away.
5. Place Citronella candles around outdoor sitting areas and patios.
6. You can also use some of the melted citronella candle wax and mix it in with some lotion or sunscreen to create a DIY mosquito repelling lotion.
7. You can also eat up some fresh garlic, rub fresh cut garlic on pulse points, or even puree some garlic and mix in with water to spray on plants and on yourself (you might smell a little funny, but the bugs will stay out of your way).
8. If you can stand it, wear long sleeve pants and tops when outdoors to prevent mosquitoes from biting.
9. Wear the color “white” when outside, mosquitoes tend to stay away from this color.
10. Attract blue martin birds, bats and dragonflies to your garden. They love to eat mosquitoes!
11. Place bat houses around your taller trees to attract bats to your home. These bats can eat thousands of mosquitoes every day.
12. Yellow bug lights (use the energy saving ones, the work great!) found at your local grocery store, department store or home improvement store.
These are just a few of the all natural tips to help keep you mosquito free. Hope you stay bite-free this summer!

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