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Natural ways to combat infertility

There are non medical and non intrusive ways to enhance your fertility.
There are non medical and non intrusive ways to enhance your fertility.
Photo by Iris Waichler

This is part 2 of a series based on an article written by Colette Bouchez, a medical journalist. The article is entitled "Getting Pregnant: Easy Ways to Encourage Your Fertility."  Part 1 looked at the link between diet and fertility.  This segment looks at additional studies that Ms. Bouchez reviewed looking at inexpensive and simple things people can do to try to enhance their fertility. She refers to them as "fertility boosters."

Weight Control is another recommendation she has. See the article on "The link between diet and fertility " at It describes food that enhances fertility. Ms. Bouchez reports that  "Studies show that having either a very low or very high BMI (body mass index) disrupts ovulation and may also affect production of key reproductive hormones."

Another "fertility booster" discussed is "reduce stress." According to Ms. Bouchez "studies conducted by Alice Domar, PhD,  at Harvard's Mind-Body Institute, women who underwent stress reduction therapy saw dramatic increases in their ability to get pregnant." She sites additional studies indicating the connection between stress and infertility.

"Acupuncture" is often mentioned as an alternative method to help combat infertility. There are studies that show  acupuncture "may also work to help encourage fertility overall -- even for those couples trying to conceive naturally.

The final 2 "fertility boosters" are related to the importance of timing and infertility. It is critical that if you are trying to get pregnant you are very aware of your menstrual cycle and ovulation. You must be cognizant of this so "you and your partner connect during the time conception is possible."  Modern technology such as "Ovulation kits and Other tests" helps facilitate this process

To learn more about these tests and research studies go to 

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