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Natural trend

Sandmaiden organic cotton jersey blend draped cap sleeve t shirt

A simple trend to follow into the spring 2010 season may allow many Albuquerque natives to easily incorporate some traditional New Mexican appeal into their daily wardrobes.

Ecologically and economically friendly trends have been taking over everything from the auto market to the health industry and it appears that the natural appeal has now fully converged upon the fashion world.

Designers have shifted their focus to fit the current economic situation, creating comforting clothes through the use of bold natural color, familiar forms and natural fibers.

sandmaiden organic cotton jersey blend scarf top with pleated sleeve

All this is great news for Albuquerque, a city thats had a long time love affair with vibrant color and natural elements.  Turquoise, for instance, has long been the corner stone of the New Mexico look and now there’s even more reason to add that pop of color to an outfit.  Another great facet of this trend is in the fact that bold colors, like golden yellow and sea blue, contrast beautifully with the cool neutral tones of the landscape.

So if you're looking to keep up with the fashion world be sure to pick up some bold and comforting colors for spring 2010.


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