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Natural Treatments to Depression.

It was heartbreaking to hear the news of Robin Williams suicide a few days ago. Williams provided us with decades of laughter and entertainment all while fighting his demons of depression and addiction. Williams death is an opportunity to talk more about depression and look at ways of treating depression including natural treatments to depression.

It is disturbing to know that nearly 20 million adults in the United States have depression. More disturbing is that many people with depression do not seek treatment. There are a variety of reasons why and one of the reasons are they are afraid to be put on harmful drugs. Antidepressants are the second most prescribed drug in the U.S. A recent study at the University of California discovered that many people are afraid to tell their primary care doctor that they are suffering symptoms of depression because of the fear they will be prescribed antidepressants.

Fear of antidepressants should never be a reason why people do not seek help for their depression.
There are many natural ways you can deal with your depression that does not involve these harmful medications. There are over 20 clinical trials suggesting that St. John's Wort works better than a placebo and is as effective as antidepressants for mild to moderate depression with little to no side effects. If You live in Arizona, you need to be careful and stay out of the sun while using this supplement.

Studies have linked mental health issues such as bipolar, anxiety and depression with low levels of omega-3 fatty acids. That is because Omega-3's may have an effect on serotonin levels. It is thought that people with depression may have low blood levels of brain chemicals called eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Both these can be found in fish oil.

According to the CDC, one quarter of the U.S. is deficient in vitamin D. The good news is that there are currently over 14 studies that have found a strong correlation between depression and a lack of Vitamin D. Your doctor can now test your levels and vitamin D.

Exciting news is the research with the Department of Pharmacology of Government Medical College in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India. They recently did a study comparing the effects of turmeric (curcumin) and Prozac (fluoxetine). The clinical study determined turmeric was as effective as Prozac in treating major depressive disorder. More importantly, turmeric does not have dangerous side effects often found in Prozac.

Of course eating healthy is a good idea as food has a real impact on mood. Eating well, getting plenty of fluids and making sure you are sleeping can all be great alternative ways to work on depression naturally. Exercise has shown to decrease depression as is meditation.

One of the best non-medical approaches to treating depression is to seek counseling and find a counselor that is willing to work with you and work through issues, offer safe treatment plans and allow you to talk and develop a plan that works for you.

Depression can be devastating and kills people every day. People can seek alternative treatment if they are afraid to get the help they need through traditional psychiatry and medication. If you live in the Tucson area, you can get most the supplements mentioned at New Life Health Centers.

If you know someone depressed and suicidal have them contact the National Suicide Hot Line1-800-273-8255

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