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Natural Sunday School for Kids on Sun. June 15th (Learning About Evolution)

Common descent, illustrated

The Center for Philosophical Naturalism is holding a free class for kids on Sun. June 15th in Beaverton. All details for the event can be seen here: .

We will be discussing the childrens book called "The Magic of Reality" written by Richard Dawkins. We will cover a chapter 3 entitled "Why are there so many different kinds of animals?" You can read it online free here: . The main point in this chapter is explaining how animal species are created, through biological evolution. An analogy is given with the evolution of languages.

If you read it only online you won't see the wonderfully-drawn illustrations which are a major component of the book. I suggest you buy a book for your personal library. It is a nice book to have around the house for when your kids get into a curiosity mood and are looking for something good to read.

The Center for Philosophical Naturalism was founded with the goal to help people to learn how to have a naturalistic worldview. As humans, we evolved biologically, as well as memetically. People should learn how to think clearly and accurately, and that takes training, just like any other discipline.

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