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Natural roach repellents and pesticides

Try natural pesticides for roaches before using chemicals.
Try natural pesticides for roaches before using chemicals.
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Roaches are an aggravating infestation. Pesticides to rid the home of roaches are often toxic and dangerous to pets and people. Natural roach repellents are not well publicized but do exist. Why not try using these non-toxic green repellents and pesticides to rid your home of roaches?

Diatomaceous earth

Sprinkle it wherever roaches gather. It's harmless to humans, but lethal to a roach. This damages the bug's exoskeleton, making it the most effective of natural pesticides. Death occurs in two days, giving the roach time to bring the pesticides back to the nest and other roaches. When applying this pesticide, expect to see more bugs at first, as they search for water. Most of the bugs will be gone within a couple weeks.


Your cats will love this repellent. Roaches hate it. Make a batch of catnip tea to use as a green roach spray. Use under cabinets and around baseboard areas to repel pesky roaches. You can also try scattering catnip loosely under cabinets and in cracks or making homemade sachet repellents.

Bay leaves

Natural bay leaves discourage roaches from coming out to play. Bay leaves can be tucked into cracks to repel bugs. Place bay leaves wherever roaches congregate. Make a bay leaf spray pesticide by seeping bay leaves in water. This won't kill the bugs. It will chase pests away and leave a pleasant scent.

Beer and peanut butter roach traps

Why buy expensive poisonous roach pesticides? Go green by making these natural roach and ant traps. Just place a piece of bread soaked in beer or a dab of peanut butter inside a glass jar. Coat the inside rim of the jar with slippery vegetable oil. Roaches and ants come for the feast but can't get back out of the jar. Dump outside or cover and throw away.


Garlic cloves are effective roach repellants. Leave them in cabinet corners. Sprinkle garlic powder into cracks. The very brave garlic lover might add a bit of garlic clove to the bay leaf spray. This will definitely leave a lingering odor but may not be so pleasant. Perhaps it will rid your kitchen of human pests as well.

This article was previously published by this author on Yahoo! It has been updated and revised for Examiner.

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