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Natural remedies for urinary incontinence

Water is the best beverage for bladder health.
Water is the best beverage for bladder health.
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Urinary incontinence is not a natural symptom of aging. Natural methods may be used to control it, provided there is no serious underlying cause. Diseases and conditions should be ruled out by a physician prior to using natural control methods.

Those with urinary incontinence should avoid holding urine.

Holding urine causes natural bacteria to accumulate in the bladder. This can contribute to bladder cancer and other serious illnesses. The bladder should be emptied at least once every 2-3 hours.

Consider paying more attention to the time.

Get yourself into the natural habit of evacuating the bladder regularly. Urinary incontinence is sometimes caused by forcing bladder muscles to overwork by holding urine for long periods of time.

Closely observe fluid intake and frequency of urination.

Urinary incontinence may be a simple problem to solve. It's possible over consumption of fluids may be the natural cause of urinary incontinence. Consider keeping a diary to reveal any natural patterns.

Do keep hydrated with clear water.

You can also try drinking some cranberry juice to restore the natural acidic balance to the bladder. However, those with urinary incontinence should avoid drinking caffeinated beverages, alcohol and grapefruit juice. These are all natural diuretics and may cause more frequent urination and urges.

Pressure from constipated bowels may cause urinary incontinence.

Keep bowels loose by eating a natural diet full of natural fiber filled fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans. This has the added benefit of being a natural preventative for cancer and other disease.

Be sure the bladder is emptied completely each bathroom visit.

It's natural to just go once but try going twice instead. After the first natural bladder evacuation, stand up, then sit and go again. Assuring that the bladder is completely empty will mean less urinary incontinence accidents.

There has been some success in re-training the bladder.

This is done by urinating hourly and then gradually increasing the time between bathroom visits to three hours.

Kegal exercises are a well publicized natural method of strengthening bladder muscles.

These can also help to hold urine and prevent incontinence during urges. The sphincter muscle exercise works especially well for this.

Practice self defense by staying close to bathroom facilities.

Natural urges can present themselves without warning. Don't be embarrassed to use protection products for urinary incontinence. After all, accidents are much more embarrassing.

Note: The author is not a licensed medical professional. This article is not intended to replace professional consultation or advice.


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