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Natural remedies for earaches

See a doctor for serious ear pain.
See a doctor for serious ear pain.
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Wondering how to banish ear pain the natural way? Frequent earaches are a real pain. Earaches can signal a serious medical problem. Consult a doctor for diagnoses of frequent, recurring, long lasting or severe earache pain. Meanwhile, try these natural remedies for quick, temporary or permanent relief.

Pillow prop

It can be quite difficult to sleep at night with an earache. One natural way to help eustachion tubes to drain is by sitting up. At night time try propping the head up with a pillow to sleep. This relieves swelling and pressure as well.

Warm oil

Warmth can really make a difference in ear pain. Baby oil or natural mineral oil warmed to room temperature in a pan of water can ease earache pain. Use only 2-3 drops of oil in each ear. Do not put any type of liquid in the ear if infection is suspect.

Hair dryer

Warmth from a hair dryer remedies the pain of earaches temporarily. The dryer should be set on warm and low. Keep the blow dryer a foot or more away from the ear for this natural remedy. Then just aim the air at the pain.


Yawning is a contagious natural reflex that remedies ear pain. It's quite easy to make yourself yawn when you've been up all night in pain. Yawning remedies earaches by relieving pressure in the ear. It moves the natural muscle that opens the eustachion tubes for draining.

Chewing gum

It might not seem natural to chew gum in the middle of the night. Still, chewing lessens ear pain. The muscular action of chewing opens the eustachion tubes. People chew gum for airplane flights, or high altitude ascent and descent while traveling over the road. It makes sense that it would work for ear pain.

Take a drink

Swallowing is another way to open ear tubes. A midnight snack might sound good but it isn't the healthiest thing to do. Snacking at night causes weight gain. Keep a glass of water handy instead for quick natural earache pain relief.

Avoid airplane descent sleep

Sleeping while the airplane is in descent is a bad idea. People don't swallow enough while they sleep to keep up with air pressure changes. Try sleeping at the beginning of the flight instead to prevent ear issues.

Natural earache drops

Here's a great natural ear drop recipe to have on hand. Once again, don't use natural oil remedies when infection is suspected. Place a clove of crushed garlic and 2 tablespoons fresh or dried mullein flower in ½ cup olive oil. Wait two weeks and strain the oil. Keep covered in the fridge. To use, warm the oil and put 2-3 drops in the ear.

Head stand

Yes head stands are natural remedies for earaches. It may not seem natural to stand on your head at random intervals but it will relieve the pressure in the ears. If you don't have gymnast skills, lay on the bed face up and hang your head and torso down.

Warm cloth

This may seem a simple solution. It works, nonetheless. A warm cloth is one of the most common natural remedies for ear pain. Soothe earaches by wetting a cloth with warm water and applying it to the ear. A heating pad may also be used on low heat setting.

Ear candles

These are a strange but effective cure for earaches caused by wax buildup. Ear candles are available at health food stores and come with complete directions. The ear candle is lit and placed next to the ear to draw wax out.

Clear sinuses

Sometimes clogged sinuses cause ear pain. A neti pot or syringe can be used to flush sinuses with a salt water solution. This relieves pressure in the ears, thus relieving ear pain.

Cotton ear plugs

Wet a cotton ball with natural oil, like mineral or olive oil. Place in outer ear to soothe away pain. This also remedies earache by providing a sound barrier.


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