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Natural remedies for cat hairballs

Grass is one of the best natural remedies for cat hairballs.
Grass is one of the best natural remedies for cat hairballs.
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Cat hairballs are bits of undigested fur that are not eliminated though natural processes. A cat with digestive problems caused by hairballs will cough them up, leaving a mess for the pet owner. A surprising number of natural remedies are available for cat hairballs. If your cat has hairballs one of these natural remedies might work.


This natural remedy stops hairballs before they start. Brushing your cat thoroughly can eliminate cat hairballs at the source. Cats accumulate hairballs after ingesting hair while grooming themselves. Less hair is ingested. Therefore, less hairballs are formed.

Cat grass

One of the best natural remedies for hairballs is cat grass. Cat grass eliminates hairballs by speeding up the natural digestion process. Most cats love cat grass. Cat grass can be purchased in pet stores in grown patches or in seed form.


Canned pumpkin (not pie mix) and baby food squash are effective natural remedies for cat hairballs. Pumpkin remedies hairballs by helping to remove them from the system naturally. Give your cat 1 tsp. of pumpkin or squash daily mixed with food as a natural remedy for hairballs.

Fish oil

Topping the list of natural remedies cats love is fish oil. Mix a teaspoon of fish oil in with cat food daily to help with elimination of hairballs. Fish oil gets rid of hairballs by lubricating the digestive system. Hair does not accumulate to produce hairballs.


Bran is one digestive remedy that works for cats and humans alike. Add a teaspoon of bran to cat food daily. Bran helps move cat hairballs naturally though their system. Natural elimination of hairballs keeps cats healthy.

Prune juice

Prune juice is another of the digestive remedies that work on both cats and humans. Prune juice speeds up the processing of hairballs through a cat the same way it speeds up human digestion. Cats need considerably less prune juice than humans. One teaspoon a day is fine.

Treats and food for hairballs

Natural hairball remedies are now found in some treats and foods for cats. Read the label to be sure they are all natural. Change your cat's diet gradually to avoid digestive problems other than hairballs.

Please note: The above natural remedies for cat hairballs are meant to be used separately. Using two or more of these natural remedies for cat hairballs at once may cause digestive problems. The author is not a licensed veterinarian. Contact your veterinarian for confirmation prior to using these natural solutions.


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