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Natural products for the medicine cabinet

3 natural staples
3 natural staples
SWords 2011

The medicine cabinet of the past contained antibiotic creams for cuts and scrapes, aspirin or acetaminophen for fevers, antacids or laxatives for digestive issues and cough syrup that contained alcohol. Research has discovered natural products without the risk or side effects of many of those products.

Natural products that have become staples, replacing those old standards include:

1. Hydrogen Peroxide –bacteria like C-Diff have grown stronger and more resistant to many antibiotics. A current recommendation is to have wash any scraped or cut area with hydrogen peroxide as soon as possible following the injury.

2. Quercetin and Pascalite Clay. The 2010 allergy season was dubbed the Allergy Apocalypse – the worst allergy season ever. Quercetin is an effective natural product that works like antihistamine and Pascalite clay (made into a paste with a little water) can quickly remove the sting and swelling from many insect bites.

3. Thieves Essential Oil has been shown effective for reducing mold spores when used as household spray and cleaner, a germicide, with one tiny drop in a bottle of water, or diffused into the air and inhaled according to directions.

4. Gastrex – it’s been said that contents of 5 of these tablets in water can stop the effects of food poisoning, and many with GERD or acid reflux consider its calming effects almost miraculous

5. Vitamin D – liquid drops – few people gain sufficient sunshine and vitamin D, and the natural liquid drops do not have the liver damage risk of prescription D. It is also effective in increasing immunity.

6. Magnesium spray – muscle spasms –especially painful night spasms - are relaxed more quickly with the liquid version of magnesium and many with an active lifestyle keep this product bedside rather than in a cabinet.


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