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Natural prevention for seasonal allergies

Raw Honey
Raw Honey
Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

If you're like countless others, seasonal allergies disrupt your life a few weeks (if not longer) during spring each year. These flare-ups can get costly as well as irritating. However they can often be prevented.

Springtime seems to be the worst for allergy sufferers. Instead of enjoying the beautiful blooms and smells, many are dealing with the eye watering sneeze attacks that make Mother Nature look like an evil villain. Many suffer to the point of not being able to work from the pounding headaches, sore throat, watery eyes, and constant sneezing. Mother Nature is not evil though, as she has provided a natural prevention - honey.

Raw honey, local to your area, is the best prevention for seasonal allergies. When you incorporate it into your diet, especially during the winter, it helps your body build a natural immunity to those pesky allergens. It can typically be found in your local produce or farmers market. Will it completely prevent allergy flare-ups? Probably not for everyone. It will depend on how much you use, what all your allergic to, and how severe your allergies usually are. I added honey to my nightly tea this past winter and am reaping the benefits this spring by not suffering like my family is.

There are many ways to take honey aside from in tea. Some people like it on toast, others in hot cereal or grits; still others like it plain or as candy. It can also be added to several recipes, including barbeque sauce. Just remember, it has to be raw (not pasteurized), and local to you. That little squeeze bear of honey from Wal-Mart won't help you. The local honey is from local bees, with local pollen. Honey from Idaho won't help prevent your allergies if you're in Georgia, as those bees are pollinating different plants and trees.

So support a local bee keeper and help prevent future allergy attacks in a sweet, natural way. Until next time, happy saving!