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Natural play areas will open in Tijuana River Valley

First5 Pathways for Play project location near Otay-Nestor. In the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park.
First5 Pathways for Play project location near Otay-Nestor. In the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park.
San Diego COunty

On a trail around the sports fields in Tijuana River Valley Park, in Spring in 2016, children 5 years old and younger will play on logs and boulders. At one of five nature based stations, called "play pockets", the children, and their parents, will learn a park nature theme during their outdoor activities.

The healthy outdoor physical activities were designed to build children's outdoor health habits before they start school. The goal? Start school healthy. And, start an active learner ready to reach their highest potential in educaiton.

Construction work will begin in Fall next year. After the county's Department of PArks and Recreation awards a construction contract to a contractor. On April 21st, the First5 Commission of San Diego decided to give the county department 200,000 dollars to build the play areas along a trail in a an Diego regional park that has 22.5 miles of multi-use trails in its 1,700 acres. The money comes from the Prop 10 tax on cigarettes voters passed in 1998. Last week, the five county supervisors approved the funded project.

Parents will learn a park theme with their children at interpretive signs that describe the play activity at a play pocket. Insects, river life, or, the valley culture. Climbing a log or a rock takes up only part of the family time. Opportunities to learn out in nature will give park visitors a lot to do during their outdoor trips.

First5's Pathways for Play project will get a commission mission rolling along. Lining up opportunities for young children and families to work on their health and well being.

Families will have an opportunity to enjoy natural play outdoors the county found largely unavailable to urban and suburban children today. Play pockets in the Tijuana River Valley will become new starts on healthy lifestyles.

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