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Natural pet food for rodents

Green your rodent food to keep your hamster healthy.
Green your rodent food to keep your hamster healthy.
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Your pet rodents are special. Even the tiny ones deserve a proper natural diet. They don't tolerate processed foods well. Talk to your vet about feeding rodents these all natural go green foods to supplement their diet.

Gerbils and rabbits

Pet gerbils and rabbits love this salad. Mix up ¼ cup spinach and ¼ cup carrots. Top with 1tsp. Unsalted sunflower seeds. Makes several servings for gerbils, one for hungry rabbits. Be sure to remove and dispose of uneaten food from food dish after a few hours.

Bunny rabbits are one versatile go green eater. Even natural herbs appeal to them. Remember Peter Rabbit getting into the parsley and drinking chamomile tea? They also love echinacea and alfalfa. Pet bunny pellets are often alfalfa based.

Guinea pigs

Supplement the natural diet of guinea pigs with another nutritious pet food salad. Guinea pigs need greens and fruits in their diet. Mix together ½ cup fresh washed spinach, ¼ cup shredded carrots, ½ cup chopped strawberries and ¼ cup orange juice. Makes two servings.

These pet rodents also love natural grass. We raised guinea pigs when I was a young child. Ours would go "squeak, squeak", every time the back door was opened to let us know. Pick a handful of fresh grass for pet guinea pigs each day to help aid digestion.


This once a week fruity treat will have hamsters scurrying for the pet food bowl. Mix together ¼ cup grated carrot,1 spoonful of dark raisins, 1 tsp. of honey, and the cut up half of a banana. Toss in a sprinkle of lemon juice and serve half to your go green pet.

Hamsters are rodents that typically lived in hot dry climates before becoming domesticated. They love dried corn, peanuts and sunflower seeds. A hamster should never be fed any type of processed food. These rodents are natural go green creatures.

Mice and rats

One of these little natural treat balls can be given daily to perk up the diet of pet mice and rats. Pour 1 oz. Boiling water into 1 cup Bulgar wheat and let stand five minutes. Mix in ¼ cup cooked brown rice, ¼ cup parrot seed mix, ¼ cup cooked rolled oats, and ¼ cup molasses. Shape into small balls and roll in wheat germ.

Consider purchasing special pet toys to hide food for mice and rats in. These pet rodents are natural foragers. They prefer to hunt for their food. They might enjoy peanut butter or a very small piece of stinky cheese as go green food to track down.


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This article was previously published by this author on Yahoo! It has been updated and revised for Examiner.

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