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Natural Pain Relief Methods and Supplements

Pain can take over our life and make the simplest activities extremely difficult. Most people take care of pain with over-the-counter medicines such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen which have become two of the most frequently used pain medications in the United States. These drugs are very effective in relieving pain but do not always get to the root of the problem. They also have long term side effects that may contribute to liver and intestinal damage. However, there are many natural pain relief methods and remedies that are totally safe and very effective. Consider some of the following natural pain relief methods next time you reach for your usual remedy.

Ointments and Gels

Some of the most popular and effective salves you can put right on your skin are:

  • Elmore Oil - Imported from Australia, contains only 4 all-natural ingredients. People have had great results with this one.
  • Icy Hot - Good stand-by, effective, but does contain some petroleum derived chemicals
  • Dr. Schulze's pain ointment - all natural, and similar to icy hot in smell and effect

If you want to make your own pain relief formulas, three commonly used herbs that help with pain relief are turmeric, ginger, capsaicin and devil’s claw.

Turmeric: Turmeric is a spice used in many Indian dishes that also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It is available is capsule or powder form and helps with circulation, boosts the immune system, helps relieve heartburn, helps repair tissues and aids in relieving arthritis pain. Turmeric is safe to use but may cause indigestion in some people.

Ginger: Ginger increases circulation and reduces inflammation which are both necessary for relieving joint pain. Ginger is available in capsule form or can be brewed as tea. Fresh grated ginger root can be added to many stir-fry recipes, soups and other dishes.

Capsaicin: Capsaicin comes from the chili pepper and is often an ingredient in many pain relieving creams. Substance P is the compound that delivers the feeling of pain to the central nervous system. Since capsaicin depletes substance P, it is a very effective natural remedy for pain relief.

Devil’s Claw: Devil’s claw comes from the dried roots of a plant that is grown in South Africa. This herb has been used in Africa for blood disorders, reducing fever, and for many other aches and pains. It has anti-inflammatory properties and has been used recently in the United States to help relieve arthritis pain.

Many vitamins and minerals help with pain relief. Vitamin C helps reduce inflammation and has been used by many athletes as an aid in sports injury recovery. It can also act as a natural antibiotic and antihistamine. The B vitamins are often used by physicians to treat chronic neuropathic pain which is pain that is generated by the nerves. This type of pain is stubborn and does not go away easily. The B vitamins are often recommended for those who suffer from lumbago or sciatica and has also been used to treat forms of facial paralysis. Recent tests have shown that Vitamin D can help alleviate chronic lower back pain. Vitamin D can be manufactured by the body when the skin is exposed to direct sunlight. Milk and dairy products are also good sources of Vitamin D.

Even healthy people will experience some kind of pain in their lifetime. Instead of reaching for the usual over-the counter-remedy, consider some of the natural remedies mentioned above. Whether you suffer from lower back pain, chronic pain or arthritis, these natural remedies are safe and effective and will help in relieving stubborn pain.

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