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Natural options for cat supplies and care

Keep your kitty healthy the green way!
Keep your kitty healthy the green way!
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

You reduce, reuse and recycle. Now even your cats can go green. From litter to grass, you can keep your cats naturally happy and healthy. Kitty probably prefers a more natural lifestyle anyway. Litter, food, naps, toys, and treats all come in green varieties. Growing grass and catnip makes happy cats too. Why not take advantage of all the natural options for cats? Here's a few you might consider.

Green litter

Feline Pine is my choice for natural cat litter. It's fresh smelling, absorbent, and easy to use and dispose of. I've also used Swheat Scoop. This is great for cats who do well with clumping litter. Of course, the most natural option is a kitty door so cats can enjoy the great outdoors. However, indoor cats are safer.

Natural cat food

Iams makes commercial natural food for cats. There are other companies that do the same. Our kitty gets Iams and also as a special once weekly treat, I feed her my own natural cat food. Just mix together 2/3 cup tuna,a jar of all natural mixed vegetable baby food and 1/3 cup of plain dry bread crumbs. My cat knows what day this natural treat is made. She looks forward to it.

Cat Naps

All cats naturally love naps. They don't need a fancy resting place. Recycle old bed pillows by lining a cut off cardboard box with them for cat naps. When the box gets worn out, it can be recycled too. Use an old throwaway pillowcase or wrap a bit of furry fleece around the pillow for easy washing.

Cat toys

Eco-friendly cat toys are available at most pet stores. It's also simple enough to make your own natural playthings for kitty. Make a mouse from a piece of old nylon stocking by stuffing with fresh catnip and tying in a knot. Be sure to leave a catnip scented tail for kitty to play with. Just rub fresh natural catnip on the trailing hose.


I like to make fresh natural cat treats for my kitty. Like all cats, tuna is at the top of her list. As an added bonus, these prevent hairballs. Mix together 1 can of oil packed tuna, ¼ cup corn meal, ¼ cup bran cereal and 1 ½ cups whole wheat flour. Roll out dough. Cut into small pieces. Bake at 350 until slightly brown. Store natural treats covered in the fridge.

Catnip is green in more ways than one.

Cats love naturally grown catnip. The problem is cats love catnip a little too much. It's hard to keep them out of this when growing it yourself. Do not grow catnip outdoors. The neighborhood cats will have a yowling, scratching riot. I grow mine in a high window. Neither my indoor cat, nor the neighborhood cats can get to it.

Green grass

Grass is great for a cat's digestion. Growing natural cat grass is easy. You can even buy it already grown at Pet Smart. To grow it yourself just mix together barley, alfalfa and rye seeds. Sprinkle on soil in a low flat container. Cover with a thin layer of soil and water. Keep this all natural treat in a window until ready to eat. Start a fresh container every other week for continual growth.

This article was previously published on Yahoo! By this author. It has been updated and edited for Examiner.

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