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Natural methods for keeping slugs and snails out of the garden

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Why would you want to use natural methods for keeping slugs and snails out of the garden? In addition to being just plain creepy, slugs and snails can cause a lot of damage to your plants. Using chemical pesticides can leave poisons on your garden herbs, fruits and vegetables. Using natural methods of pest control in the garden means you and your loved ones will be eating pure organic produce. Here are some ways to keep slugs and snails under control without the use of harmful chemicals.

Use a beer trap.

For some reason, slugs and snails are very attracted to the smell of beer. By making a beer trap, you can keep the population of these slimy critters down in your garden. Just leave a dish or accessible bottle filled with beer where slugs and snails can smell it. They will climb into it and drown in the golden liquid.

Try a garbage bag trap.

Slugs thrive in moist environments. Placing a wet trash bag in the garden will attract a lot of slugs and snails overnight. This natural method of keeping slugs out of the garden is highly effective. Be prepared for the sight of tons of slimy crawlers in the morning. Just fold up the bag and toss the whole thing.

Make a salt ring.

Salt is the worst nightmare of snails and slugs. It will actually dissolve slugs and snails that come in direct contact with it. You can sprinkle it lightly on slugs and snails. Use caution. Too much salt in the garden can harm some plants. Once you have rid the garden of most of the creepy crawlers, pour a ring of salt around the affected area. This will form a protective barrier for invaders.

Give them their morning coffee.

Don't throw away that last cup of coffee in the bottom of the pot. Toss it in your garden instead. This natural method of keeping slugs and snails out of the garden acts as a fertilizer too. The caffeine in coffee is something slugs and snails can't handle. It attacks their nervous system, killing the young ones and driving the older ones away.

Rough up their terrain.

Slugs and snails need smooth damp surfaces to walk on. Think about using sand and gravel in your garden as a natural method for discouraging slugs and snails. Ring plants with it, or use it around all your plants to keep slugs and snails away. These slimy critters are fairly simple to deal with by combining all these natural methods of pest control in your garden.

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